Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Patient waiting status

DR PUN is in Wed May 17.  9 -7  & Dr. Lo  is in from   9 -3

This is an actual real-time graph of the number of patients currently waiting in Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo's office over the last hour.

Be prepared to wait if there are many patients waiting.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT NEW PATIENTS (except for private vaccine sale and driver's examination).

Tuesday, September 27, 2016



BEXSERO vaccine Meningitis B for age 17 and under $120

ZOSTAVAX II shingles for adults 50+ $220

please email ianpun@gmail.com (you do not need to be our regular patient if you want vaccine)

Friday, March 18, 2016

May 2017 Schedule

Dr. Pun's office May Schedule

May 03 Wed 9:00-5:00 五月三日 星期三 9:00-5:00  
May 04 Thur  9:00-12:00 五月四日 星期四 9:00-12:00
May 06 Sat   9:00-1:00 五月六日星期六  9:00-1:00 

May 10  Wed 9:00-7:00 五月十日 星期三 9:00-7:00

May 13 Sat 9 - 1

May 16 Tue  9:00-12:00 五月十六日星期二 9:00-12:00
May 17 Wed 9:00-7:00 五月日星期三 9:00-7:00    
May 18 Thu 9 - 3

May 20 Sat 9 - 1

May 23 Tue  9:00-3:00 五月二十三日星期二 9:00-3:00
May 24 Wed 9:00-5:00 五月二日星期三 9:00-5:00 

May 31  Wed 9:00-7:00 五月三十一日 星期三  9:00-7:00

There are Saturdays on the schedule which is not listed . Please email me for appointment.

肝扫瞄五月时间表 Fibroscan May Schedule

May 25 Thur. 9:00-2:00 五月二十五日        期四 9:00-2:00

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dr. Pun's email address is ianpun@gmail.com. and Dr. Lo's email address is drchristinalo@gmail.com.   PLEASE DO NOT use ianpun@rogers.com nor christinalo@rogers.com. These rogers / yahoo email ARE NO LONGER USED by Dr Pun nor Dr. Lo.

Please join Dr Pun's  $30 email support membership ($60 for family of four)!  This fee involves unlimited DIRECT emailing to Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo for one whole year for you to ask ANY questions and to book appointments.  With your request, you also e-mail your lab reports back to you once we get them, usually within a day.  Some prescriptions may be even renewed on-line.

This is a non-OHIP insured service. Very few physicians offer this type of non-OHIP insured service.  It is NOT meant for emergencies as e-mails will not be answered if we are busy with patients (usually during office hours).  But outside of office hours, Dr. Pun will try to answer your e-mail immediately usually within a day. Please sign an email consent when you are in the office.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If you are a patient of Dr. Pun's you are mostly registered as a Rouge Valley Family Health Organization (RVFHO) patient.  During our closed time  phone  TELEHEALTH  1-866-797-0000.  to the doctor on-call  who is part of our Rouge Valley FHO.  if you have a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room.

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NEW Prevnar 13 pneumonia shot for  over 18 years old $120

Zostavax II shingles shot$210

Bexsero meningitis shots $150 for children 18 years and younger

Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine $200

Quadravalent Flu vaccines $25

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

About us.

Dr. Ian Pun is Family Physician and along with his wife Dr. Christina Lo run a Family Practice office in Scarborough. We run a fully computerized medical clinic since 2006.  TO BOOK APPOINTMENT  call 416-848-7788 during office hours (please don't leave message!)

OR for your better convenience,  e-mail: ianpun@gmail.com (Please use Dr. Pun's email support service for this, see below for $30 yearly fee for individual ,$60 for family) 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT NEW PATIENTS (except for private vaccine sale and driver's examination).

Dr. Ian Pun / Dr. Christina Lo Family Practice Medical Office

TO BOOK APPOINTMENT - e-mail: ianpun@gmail.com OR call 416-848-7788 during office hours (please don't leave message!) Please book an appointment (walk-in's are only seen if there is free time)
address: 4040 Finch Ave E , Suite 302 (Finch and Kennedy , Scarborough)